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At Randwick Auto Electrical we can service all your Electronic Fuel Injector needs. Don't buy new until you have yours Tested on our programmable Test Standards.

We can also Ultrasonically Clean , Flow Match, Leak Check and Repair your injectors. Since your car was new, dirt, varnishes and carbon deposits have been forming in your vehicles fuel system on the intake valves and in the combustion areas. These build ups can rob your car of performance.

Some of the symptoms related to carbon build up are engine pinging , hesitation , poor acceleration, lack of power, repeated stalling when cold, poor performance when cold, rough idle, and poor fuel economy.

These build ups, if left untreated may lead to costly engine repairs Our carbon cleaning system is a revolutionary new process that will clean your vehicles fuel system. including injectors, and remove harmful carbon deposits. This system utilizes a unique cleaning solution which will not damage your vehicles sophisticated engine components.

How does fuel injection work?

Fuel injection replaced carburetion as the principal form of fuel/air delivery to vehicles in the mid 1980s. The simple, efficient design offered a new standard of reliability and efficiency by delivering fuel in varying volume and frequency - a process that would become more sophisticated as electronics replaced mechanical components within the injection systems.

With a petrol engine , fuel is transferred via an electronic pump known as fuel pump. This fuel subsequently passes through a filter that removes most contaminated that have entered (or corroded from ) the fuel tank.

This filtered fuel then enters one end of a common feeling tube for an engines fuel injectors called a fuel rail. The other end of this rail is met by a pipe that leads back to the fuel tank called a return pipe. This pipe contains a fuel pressure regulator (essentially a resistor or blockage) that ensures all fuel within the fuel rail is kept at a constant pressure ( essential for precise metering of fuel)

The engines injectors feed from this pressurised fuel delivery circuit.

We specialise in the following EFI services:

  • Traditional & Electronic EFI systems
  • Engine Management
  • Fuel Injector testing & Repairs
  • Engine Diagnosis & Repairs
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and back flushing
  • Flow testing (volumetric and timed)
  • Fuel injection pump testing & repairs
  • Emissions testing
  • Servicing & general maintenance & repairs
  • (All makes and models)


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